“Danita Sulick, Cheri Eckbreth, Tim Devanney, Matt Galligan, Jennifer Nye, and Clare Miller- Burti
are good people who care about [our town]” – Mayor Jay Moran, Democrat

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We are your community leaders, neighbors, life-long residents, parents, grandparents, educated volunteers and Manchester business owners.

The Leadership Team Committed to Protecting Manchester’s Future

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Manchester’s Republican Board of Directors Team

Cheri Ann Eckbreth
Board Leader
MSW Clinician
Property Mgr.

Tim Devanney
Board Member
Deputy Mayor
Vice President-
Highland Park Market

Jennifer Towler Nye
Board Member
Senior Legal Assistant
Former Volunteer

Matthew Galligan
Board Member
Financial Underwriter
Volunteer- American
Heart Assoc.

Clare Miller-Burti
Job Creator
Anne Miller Real Estate
Executive Officer, GMCC
Community Lender
& Event Promoter

Danita Collins Sulick
Downtown Business Owner,
Mulberry Street
2017 Elks Club –
Citizen of the Year
Former PTA Vice President